12/08/2020 15:30
Diamond Nails
Nail Prep or Primer? Or maybe both?

What does Primer do for nails?

Nail primer is a must-have item for both beginners & nail-care professionals. It is a staple since it helps with the longevity of your manicure. Once applied, it will prevent any unwanted air bubbles while acting as an amazing base between your nail polish & your nail bed.

24/12/2019 15:19
Diamond Nails
Ways you can make your gel polish last longer

Many people these days are starting to do gel polish for their nails. Unfortunately many of them, run into obstacles while doing it. The main problem being that the color does not last long , gets damaged and/or chipped. It does not matter if you are doing it for yourself, or getting it done at a manucurist, the nail must be prepared correctly, and quality materials used.