How do I make my gel nails last longer?

Ways you can make your gel polish last longer

24/12/2019 15:19
Diamond Nails
Ways you can make your gel polish last longer

Many people these days are starting to do gel polish for their nails. Unfortunately many of them, run into obstacles while doing it. The main problem being that the color does not last long , gets damaged and/or chipped. It does not matter if you are doing it for yourself, or getting it done at a manucurist, the nail must be prepared correctly, and quality materials used.

How can I prepare the nail for gel polish correctly?

Before you apply anything to the nail, it must be filed to make a smooth and even surface. A softer grit file is used here so, the nail plate does not get damaged during the process. After filing the surface, all the dust must be removed from the area. In areas that dust remnants remain, it makes the adhesion of the gel polish weak.

It is very important to know that when removing the dust from each nail, not to use the same wiping cloth area on each finger. If you were to do that, you would be carrying the dust from one nail plate to the next. Therefore making the adhesion of the gel polish much weaker.

After removing the dust layer, the oil layer that remains on the nail plate must be removed. If you are using a one step or a regular gel polish, a dehydrator, such as the Nail Prep, should be used.

What type of gel polish products should I use when doing my nail?

Here it really depends on what type of nails do you have, and what are your goals with the gel polish. If you have weak nails, or nails that break easily, we recommend after using the dehydrator, to use a Rubber Base. It allows the gel to bend with the nails, so they do not break easily. If you have stronger and/or flexible nails we recommend a regular base. Both of them should be applied in one layer.

By doing these small steps you will be able to make your nails last up to 3 weeks if you are using a regular gel polish, and up to 2 weeks for a one step.