Gel Polish pen 4g OS10

Gel Polish pen 4g OS10
Gel Polish pen 4g OS10
Gel Polish pen 4g OS10
Gel Polish pen 4g OS10
Lasts for:
up to 10 days
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Question about the product
  1. Can be done in one step. On first use, you have to keep twisting until the gel comes out. This is about 15 clicks when turning. From then, 2 or max 3 clicks are needed to continue
  2. It can also cover in a thin layer.
  3. There is no base or top gel needed. A cleanser is also not needed.
  4. It dries quicker than a regular nail polish in a UV/Led lamp
  5. High gloss and shine
  6. Durable
  7. It cannot be dissolved, it has to be filed off.
  8. Available in 4 g

One Step Gel polish use:

After filing and clearing the dust off your nail, you can apply the color, it is recommeneded to use the Nail Prep before the color is applied to make the color last longer. It clears any deposits on the nails. Before applying the color, wait for the Nail Prep to dry. Once it has dried, you can start applying the color in a thin layer. After applying the color, please put the finger, with the color in a UV/Led lamp, to cure. If a thin layer is not enough, please buffer the layer a little, and remove the dust from the finger. Apply a second thin layer of the gel polish pen color.

If used correctly, the color can last up to 2 weeks

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13/06/2020 13:24
 - Kelly
love their polishes, I didn't have to redo my manicure for 12 days!!! Looks beautiful on top of my natural nails