Gel Nail Polish - Rubber Base 12ml

Gel Nail Polish - Rubber Base 12ml
The Rubber Base gel polish is the best choice for cracked nails, because it fills up the ridges.Perfect base for people with brittle nails.Very flexible base gel (bends with the natural nail)Can fill small deformations in the nail

Available in both 7ml and 12 ml
Base & Top
Cures under:
Both UV and LED
Lasts for:
up to 3 weeks
8.99 £
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Gel Nail Polish -Rubber Base 12 ml

1. Thanks to its elastic texture, it adapts well to all nail types.
2. Cures under a UV/LED lamp
3. Suitable for strengthening your own nails (no builder gel required)
4. Thick, elastic transparent gel polish base
5. Easy to use. Leaves a good shine
6. Fills up the ridges
7. It is necessary to use before regular gel polish
8. Should be applied in 2 layers
9. Quicker, stronger
10. Suitable for minimally extending your own nails
11. For minor corrections on built designs
12. After applying regular color, this should be applied again. Wipe with cleanser
13. Curing time: 2-3 minutes
14. 12 ml

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11/05/2020 07:07
 - Tatiana
Good quality gel rubber base . Thicker than a conventional base, perfect for making small extensions or a nice curved nail or even a small repair. I have thin and soft nails and usually a manicure lasts barely a week, there it's been 2 weeks and apart from the regrowth my manicure is impeccable!!