Nail Prep or Primer? Or maybe both?

12/08/2020 15:30
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Nail Prep or Primer? Or maybe both?

What does Primer do for nails?

Nail primer is a must-have item for both beginners & nail-care professionals. It is a staple since it helps with the longevity of your manicure. Once applied, it will prevent any unwanted air bubbles while acting as an amazing base between your nail polish & your nail bed.

A nail Primer acts just as your typical makeup primer does. It prepares your nails for further product application, and it grips onto it without being too sticky, greasy, or matte!

There are two types of nail primers that you can use: an acid primer, as well as an acid-free primer.

An acid primer is used for problematic nail plates that tend to easily lose color, chip, and lift. The Primer removes oil, disinfects, dehydrates, and creates great adhesion for all types of nails. It's highly recommended for people with problematic nails.


An acid-free primer, also known as Nail Prep is a scent-free & gentle primer that does not leave a sticky residue and is usually used on natural nails.

Nail Prep - Preparation Liquid

How To Apply A Nail Primer?

Make sure that you clean your nail plate as usual. Shape your nails with a file, use buffer and dust brush & use a nail prep beforehand! Once done, move onto the nail primer.

Grey Halfmoon Nail FilePurple BufferDust Brush


If you're using an acid-free primer, apply a thin coat and let it dry for 40-60 seconds.

If you are using an acid primer, use 1-2 smaller dots and spread them around the plate. Once your nail primer evaporates completely, go in with your favorite gel nail polish color! Finish off the manicure with a gel polish top coat for ultimate longevity.

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