Gel Polish Starter Kit with 36W UV-LED Lamp

The starting set contains:

  • 1 pc. 36W UV/LED lamp white
  • 1 pc. Gel cleanser 100ml
  • 1 pc. Gel polish - Base 7ml
  • 1 pc. Gel polish DN003
  • 1 pc. Gel polish DN033
  • 1 pc. Buffer
  • 1 pc. Nail Prep. 15ml
  • 1 pc. 100/180 nail file

(File and buffer colors may vary depending on stock!)
If you want to change the colors, please enter the exact serial numbers in the comment section!
For more information on using gel polishes, see the "Details" tab below!

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28/04/2020 22:31
 - Tracy Balm
Tracy Balm
28/04/2020 22:31
The kit really has everything needed to make gel polish nails. The uv/led lamp dries the gel polish super fast. Its good that the lamp has a cooling system for its own panel
25/04/2020 21:07
 - Tracey
25/04/2020 21:07
This gel polish starter kit is so easy to use and looks very nice once applied. I am extremely happy with all of it.

It's great value too