Advanced acrylic nails starting kit contains:

  • 1pc Liquid monomer 100 ml / Liquid monomer SLOW 100 ml (Due to stock availability)
  • 1pc Extra strength primer 10ml
  • 1pc Pink acrylic powder 28gr
  • 1pc White acrylic powder 28gr
  • 1pc Clear acrylic powder 28gr
  • 1pc Cover pink acrylic powder 28gr
  • 1pc Acrylics brush 
  • 1pc Straight nail file 100/180
  • 1pc Banana nail file 100/180
  • 1pc Glass dampen dish
  • 1pc Purple buffer
  • 1pc 4-sided buffer
  • 50pc Nail forms
  • 1pc Cuticle oil 15ml
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03/05/2020 18:07
 - Hannah Smith
This is so worthy to have! As a beginner for Acrylics, this has just made my life lighter and my experience amazing! Professional Acrylic Nails Starting Kit is what I really needed.